Our Vision

In our pursuit of perfection, to be a globally recognized player in the alcoholic beverage industry, remaining dedicated to the values we were incorporated on, our commitment to society and last but not least, our obligation to shareholders.

Pursuit of Perfection

In our relentless pursuit of perfection we have implemented superlative systems and processes across the value chain. We conduct regular checks and improvement programs to maintain our standards.


'Obsession with Quality', 'Passion for Innovation', 'Conviction in Integrity' and 'Respect for Partnership'... these fundamental values are the four pillars on which PIL stands.

Quality is at the heart of PIL and is built in everything we do. We pursue excellence to achieve the highest levels.

Our innovation is our passion and is driven by a desire to be the very best. It is the way we assure sustainable success in the midst of competition.

Integrity and honesty are deeply ingrained in our culture. We are transparent in our dealings and truly believe that ethics play an essential role in business.

We respect relationships, whether you're an employee, a customer or a supplier. Our philosophy is that people are the real assets and we put in every effort to nurture them. We at PIL strongly believe that every person can, and does, make a difference.

Commitment to Society

Our definition for good business is responsible business. We persistently look to accomplish economic, social and environmental objectives. We aim at contributing to social infrastructure that ensures education, health care, community development, income distribution, employment and social welfare on a sustainable basis. We promote responsible drinking and discourage alcohol misuse, overindulgence is never good. We love to see our customers enjoy but encourage them to exercise sensible drinking choices. We care.

Obligation to Shareholders

We at PIL realise our priority to protect the interest of our shareholders and investors. Every effort we make is keeping in mind our need to enhance and sustain our shareholders' value by ensuring brand value, profitability and long term growth.