Privilege Industries Limited was incorporated in 2005 with a vision to garner a reputation in excellence, innovation and consistency in the spirit and beverage industry. Distilling and Brewing are our forte and we have built a foundation on high quality, best practices and cutting edge technology. With passion and drive to succeed, coupled with some exquisite blends - the possibilities are endless.

Our Story

Privilege Industries Limited (PIL) was incorporated in 2005 with a dream to build a reputation for excellence, innovation and consistency in distilling and brewing.

Vodkas, Whiskies, Rums, Pre-mixed Cocktails… the possibilities are infinite. With the Indian spirits market on the threshold to soar multi-fold, for premium as well as mass market brands, it makes sense to launch our brands in market segments with the most potential. Continuing with PIL's custom of getting an early advantage, we took the challenge and got down to business.

That's how we ventured into distilling. The journey has just begun, there's a long way to go before we achieve our managements goals, but we already have some exquisitely designed blends, positioning our brands to compete against the world's finest.

As for beer… Until recently, it was all rum and whisky that drove the alcohol beverage markets of India; but then a shift in the Indian demographic landscape heralded a change that led to the infusion of a fresh breed of 'GenNext'. These demanding consumers offered both challenges as well opportunities to the alcohol beverage industry. The time was right for introduction of a quality product in a country thirsty for interesting brews. We sensed the market potential, made the predatory leap with 'Red Hawk' and the rest is history. The Indian beer industry at present witnesses a substantial double digit growth rate. Our strategy and aggressive marketing have helped us secure a strong foothold in the market.

Today, PIL stands tall. With a strong backing from its promoters, the Mumbai based Wadhawan family, PIL is set to expand its horizons by setting up breweries and distilleries pan India, launching several brands catering to different market segments, taking its brands to international markets, tying up with international brands for Indian markets… and a lot more!