Brewery Tour

At our brewery, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology come together to create our finest lagers. High quality malt and freshly picked hops impart superior flavour, aroma and character to our lagers. Our light and refreshing beer is made with a unique hopping technique that imparts flavour without adding much bitterness. Our lagers are free of additives. To ensure consistency, we have stringent quality checks at all stages of production.

We setup our first Greenfield brewery with a large capacity of 500,000 HLPA in Lonand MIDC, Satara district, in the state of Maharashtra, which is around 240 kms from the state's capital - Mumbai and just about 70 kms from Pune (another major city in Maharashtra). Full scale production for our 1st phase with a capacity of 250,000 HLPA started in August 2010. The brewery is equipped with the latest international technology, equipment and processes which not only enhances efficiency and quality of beer but also reduces pollution and ensures maximum safety.

The main process plant (Malt and Brew House, Yeast Storage, Unitanks, Filtration and CIP systems) has been supplied and installed by PRAJ industries, Boilers by Thermax, CO2 recovery system and lab equipment by Norit Haffmans, Refrigeration by Fricks, Bottling plant by KHS, water treatment plant by Ion Exchange and other equipment from reputed suppliers from India and overseas.

We enjoy significant competitive advantage as there is no other brewery unit in this belt which caters to the demand for beer in Mumbai, Pune and tier-2 cities in this region. The brewery is located in MIDC which also provides for basic infrastructure including road, water and electricity. Since Lonand is located on NH4, it is in close proximity to other key states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa.

Anheuser Busch InBev, a globally renowned brewer, has entered into a production and bottling agreement with us to manufacture their much-loved, premium American-style lager, Budweiser- 'The king of beers' and Budweiser Magnum amongst other brands.

A Glimpse In to The Future

We are exploring opportunities for domestic and foreign partnerships, joint ventures and other strategic alliances. We are also in talks with local breweries pan India to increase our production capacities via the inorganic route.