REPEAT ™ Premium Grain Whisky

REPEAT ™, a new Premium Grain whisky has been launched to delight the palates of those whisky enthusiasts seeking a smooth and superior blend of Scotch and Indian malts.

REPEAT is typically characteristic of its full bodied palate, having a hint of toffee and vanilla. The aroma, however, has clear tones of peated malt. These are finally blended by our Master Blender to absolute perfection so as to satisfy the discerning palate.

Available size: 750 ml, 180 ml and 90ml bottles

From pure grain ENA, the best Indian malts and the finest Scotch, comes a whisky derived, distilled and bottled to perfection. Added with caramel for colour and matured to taste, dive into its superior blend of woody flavours that call you to a greater sense of being. The whisky is blended so fine that it culminates in a taste that is unmistakably rich, and velvety smooth.

Why Repeat? Because once is never enough. This is for those who don’t just rewind but do it again. This is for those who are determined to achieve and addicted to the high. For those with a fire in the belly and a spirit that never wavers, here is a whisky blended so fine that you will want nothing more than another REPEAT

Enjoy your drink and REPEAT responsibly!

The majestic Red hawk has the power to tantalize your senses. Prepare your taste buds to enjoy the perfect balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness of this lightly hopped style of beer.

Red Hawk offers you two variations- Red Hawk Strong & Red Hawk Mild

Red Hawk Strong - 'No Bite, Just Kick'

Pamper your palette with the unrivalled taste of Red Hawk Strong. Savour every drop of this smooth creamy beer with no off flavours. Enjoy the subtleties of the earthy aroma that balances out the light bodied characteristic of the beer-an ideal accompaniment for time out with good food and great company.

ABV: 8% Available: 650 ml bottles and 500 ml cans

Red Hawk Mild - 'Elegant Smoothness'

Indulge in the unique experience of refreshingly clean, light bodied Red Hawk Mild. This serves as an ideal alcoholic beverage to compliment the sophisticated taste of Indian cuisines. The crisp clean after taste resets your mouth palette so that a sip between the mouthfuls helps you relish the delicacies all the more. Indeed a perfect match for spicy food- a delight for your taste buds!

ABV: 5% Available: 650 ml bottles

Our beer brand basket also includes 'Golden Falcon' and '2 Horses'. These brands are to be launched to explore international markets in our endeavour to establish ourselves as a globally recognized brand.

The key to drinking responsibly is in knowing 'how much' is 'too much', so…Enjoy responsibly.